“Dripping with blistering guitar riffs, melodic chorus’ and lyrics born out of the sheer will of survival, “Aspartame” is the direct in your face American rock record you’ve been waiting for.” 

- Nic Harcourt (KCRW, host of Guitar Center sessions) 

"Mercer is a force, an unabashed disciple of rock and roll.  Drenched in catchy guitar licks, layered with angst, basking in the classic crunching sonic sounds of the Smithereens and Green Day, you can't help but clinch your fists, grit your teeth and try to set fire to the skies when Mercer is pulsating through your body and mind." 

- Rob Azevedo, radio host, "Granite State of Mind." 

“What a great rock and roll record! Big guitars, outstanding production and killer songs. Sets the bar real high for everyone else in 2018.” 

- Charlie Gaylord, WBLM-FM 

“Mercer is an experienced melodic craftsman; Aspartame is full of sweeping insinuating choruses… there is a glistening hook around every corner.” 

- Joe Sweeney, The Bollard 

“We only intended to do a handful of songs, but Tim kept writing more, each one better than the last. We ended up with an album of powerful, honest, and super hooky rock and roll.” 

- Jonathan Wyman, producer - The Halo Studios