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Free Fall For Life

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The way you make everyone shine
You’re too much and one of a kind
And it’s bliss when you say you’re all mine

Oh my God
I’m just double a ministers son
And oh my God you’re from above

The first time we spoke you amazed
We talked for four states and eight days
And let everything come as it may

My sweatshirt’s your pillow in the passenger seat
My coat is the blanket that puts you to sleep
My smile’s a mile wide as I drive you through rain and the night
In a free fall for life

I love that expression you make
When it’s written all over my face
That I’m in ecstasy everyday

Oh my God
You smile and my stomach caves in
Oh my god
You’re what beautiful is

Both of us knew that it never would fade
Hold on to each other and float through the waves
Who would have thought we could keep living on such a high
In a free fall for life
A free fall for life